Zone Trips

First documented in 1972 in Roadside Picnic, Zone Trips are explorations of remote locations where the world operates differently than we normally expect, and where we have to let go of everything we think we know.

As with everything Renegade, these are non-organized non-event: people showing up do so as individual dispersed campers under their own individual responsibility. Whether art, sound, shelter, food, or water, you should set your expectations to whatever you're bringing - because this is about being contributors rather than spectators. Most important, you should be familiar with local regulations, are expected to abide by Renegade's core values of LNT (Leave No Trace) and DNH (Do No Harm), and know how to survive in remote areas on your own.

In order to avoid moop, the locations of our Zone Trips are NOT to be publicly shared. To join the trips, jump in on public groups (one facebook group or another facebook group) and express your interest. 

Survival Pointers

Stressing that 1. you are acting entirely under your own responsibility, 2. you should do your own research, 3. that these are NOT organized events, and 4. we really don’t know shit; here are a few pointers we find helpful to prepare for Zone Trips:

. In winter months, Zone Trips might get us to completely isolated places where it gets below 20F at night - we highly recommend packing an aluminum tarp and bivvy, carry extra spare tires, plenty of water, and satellite comms (InReach, Zoleo, or what-not). Our experience is that winter camping is awe-inspiring, not that difficult, and empowering - if you’re prepared (otherwise it can quickly get deadly). We’ve found this winter camping guide helpful:

. We’re likely to get to places where there are no public restrooms, and where digging a 6 inches hole to do your business is a severe offense to Mother Earth. In such places, you’re expected to deal with your own shit and Leave No Trace. We find portable camping flush toilets to be an awesome solution - odorless, easy to clean and deal with, and costing less than a gas fill-up. You’re welcome.