Leave No Trace

Photo: duncan.co - cc by-nc 4.0

While the Playa might kill you, there is one thing that might kill the Black Rock Renegade: the impact humans create on the Playa.

We're trying here to provide a few pointers on how to minimize your impact - these pointers may be outdated or inaccurate. We claim neither accuracy nor responsibility for the information provided here - you are under your own responsibility and should do your own independent research.

The Playa is a National Conservation Area. It is the job of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and its local office to ensure it remains unscarred from human presence.

The BLM, the Universe, our Good Conscience, and the rest of us are asking everyone to leave no trace. The BLM will issue citations for violations, and is empowered to close off the area if human presence becomes a threat to its conservation.

In particular, campers need to:

  • Not use the playa as a toilet. If you are camping in a tent you'll need to bring something to use as a toilet (e.g. bucket + cat litter, camping portable toilet, …).

  • Avoid bringing anything that can blow away in the wind (styrofoam coolers, plastic cups, …).

  • Bring a mint tin to collect cigarette butts if you smoke.

  • Look for vehicle leaks - use a tarp, rug, or plywood to catch fluids.

  • Prevent and address wastewater spills.

  • Secure everything in your camp and strap anything on top of your vehicle for the trip to or from the playa.

  • Prevent the spread of wood from sawdust, splinters, wood debris and firewood bark.

Our friends next door have more info, and in particular a list of nearby waste/recycle collections and RV dump stations: https://survival.burningman.org/leave-no-trace/