The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) published a closure order on 06/20/2023 notifying the  temporary closure and its associated restrictions. [full document, BLM's press release, BLM's official closure map]

Section "J. Public Use" states that "The public closure area is closed to entry and use by members of the public unless that person: (1) Is traveling through, without stopping, the public closure area on the west or east playa roads;"

We're trying here to bring you a few pointers on how to access the Playa while the Closure Order is in effect - they may be outdated or inaccurate. We claim neither accuracy nor responsibility for the information provided here - you are under your own responsibility and should do your own independent research.

In the past, we've found the 12 Miles entrance (GPS [40.772237, -119.262512] or what3words eliminates.soaps.fries) to be the easiest access point to the Playa

Alternatives include the Trego Entrance [40.770250, -119.121351] and the Mormon Dan Entrance {41.005751, -119.141826] :

The Trego Entrance [40.770250, -119.121351] requires crossing an active train track. To get there, when heading North on the 447 towards Gerlach, take the dirt road about 3 Miles ahead of Gerlach, at [40.62001, -119.33479]. You'll then drive about 16 miles (30-40 minutes) on a very smooth dirt road. There is a sign for the Trego Playa Access sign at [40.76367, -119.12444]. There are a couple of other access points close-by that are pretty rough, so be sure to plug in the right GPS coordinates.

The Mormon Dan Entrance [41.005751, -119.141826] requires going through a long dirt road that is not all that smooth. To get there, take the Soldier Meadows Rd turnout at [40.792140, -119.278455] and drive 18 miles to Mormon Dan Entrance. The views are absolutely stunning on both sides, but it's rocky, bumpy, and completely isolated from civilization.

We always recommend installing a GPS navigation app with downloadable map layers and waypoints you can save. We use Garmin' Earthmate, but there are a number of alternatives such as GaiaGPS (not tested). What3words can also help you navigate offline [help article] (not tested). In any case, it is critical you download, save maps and waypoints for offline access, and test this before heading to the Black Rock Desert as there will be no cell reception and no-one to ask for direction.

Scanned copy of BLM map from the BLM brochure Playa OHV Information. This map shows coordinates in UTM format, we're providing them in DD format which Google Maps readily accepts. [explainer].