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The Renegade is about extreme self-reliance. There is absolutely nothing you can reliably rely on to live or survive. No cell coverage, no medical support, no transportation, no lighting, no water, no toilets, no food, no service. Nothing.

You will have to bring it all in, pack it all out, and leave no trace.

Unless you're used to camping in the desert on a regular basis, you will need to commit a good amount of time to 1. understand how you need to prepare and 2. actually getting prepared.

We're trying here to bring you a few pointers - they may be outdated or inaccurate. We claim neither accuracy nor responsibility for the information provided here - you are under your own responsibility and should do your own independent research.

Here are a few resources:

A few additional things to note:

  • There are no lights - and vehicles are free to roam the Playa. You'll need to light up your camp and make yourself visible at night in order to minimize the chances of getting run over.

  • The Playa is immense (128,000 acres, i.e 1/10th of the State of Delaware) - you need a reliable system in order to navigate the playa, save your camp location, and avoid getting lost - without cell phone coverage. Download and test a GPS app on your phone in advance (e.g. what3words). Do keep in mind that cell phone batteries die - carrying a backup battery and connecting cable could save your life.

  • Some folks carry Satellite communication devices with a big red SOS button that gets help on the way - eventually. The Garmin InReach Mini and the ZOLEO Satellite Communicator are both popular options. They do require a monthly subscription, but typically have plans that can be paused.