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Art plays a central role in the Black Rock Renegade. We're trying to provide here some pointers for folks bringing their art, as well as offer a place to promote art projects that need fundraising.

We first need to remind you of a couple of drab-but-necessary disclaimers: 1. we claim neither accuracy nor responsibility for any of the information provided on this site: you are under your own responsibility and should do your own independent research and 2. we're not "organizing" anything here, we're merely sharing what we know - the Renegade is a decentralized non-organized non-event and those showing up do so as individual "dispersed campers" abiding by public law on public land.

There are a few broad considerations you need to keep in mind when planning to bring your art on the Playa: 1. It is an extremely harsh environment [see our Safety info], 2. The Black Rock Desert Playa is a delicate and unique ecosystem where you'll need to make sure you leave no trace, and 3. you'll be operating within the rules of Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the governmental agency in charge of the Black Rock Desert conservation [see our long-winded info on dispersed camping].

In 2021, the BLM issued a number of temporary restrictions on the Playa which included prohibition on "Building of structures" or "Discharging of flame effects" [full text here -]. We expect to know by mid-July whether the BLM will issue similar restrictions this year. A number of us worked through these rules to bring our creativity while complying with the regulations.

The Teapot, by Kyonica Von Houten - placed on a trailer to comply with BLM regulations. Photo: Kyonica Von Houten

A couple of tips from folks who brought art in past years:

. Keep it mobile and off the ground. Almost anything can be claimed as a shade structure, but BLM might stop by to see that you are actually using it for shade.

. “Abandoned property” will be removed.

Do you need crowd-funding for your art project? Join our FB group and we'll help you spread the word.