Black Rock Renegade

Labor Day Weekend 2023

Photo: - cc by-nc 4.0


Black Rock Desert, NV

Labor Day Weekend


The Black Rock Renegade is a decentralized non-event about community and irreverent art and creativity.

It is free, open, self-organized, and entirely decommoditized. There are no tickets to purchase, no organization, no placement, no services of any kind, and no rules other than public law on public land. Those showing up do so as individual "dispersed campers" abiding by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) regulations for camping on BLM-managed land.

Because it is a decentralized non-event, some say the Black Rock Renegade starts on Sunday night around 11pm, others say it starts on Friday night at the start of the Labor Day week-end, or on Saturday evening when 3 stars can be spotted in the sky. You might even show up on July 4th and call it the Renegade (we beg to differ).

As a decentralized non-event, the exact location of the Renegade cannot entirely be defined either and, in an effort to commit to LNT, might not be disclosed publicly.

We will also be expecting a gated event temporarily privatizing a portion of the Playa and the 8 Miles Playa entrance, but if the previous 30 years are any indication, other access points should be open to individuals "traveling through, without stopping, the public closure area on the west or east playa roads" (section J.(1)(a) of the 2022 closure order).

We've compiled some tips on how to avoid dying on the Playa (very important) - although we must stress that we claim neither accuracy nor responsibility for any of the information provided on this site: you are under your own responsibility and should do your own independent research.

We also want to make sure the Renegade itself doesn't get killed through carelessness, and call on the responsibility of everyone to Leave No Trace.

To stay in touch join our facebook group, or another facebook group (no affiliation) who may have an entirely different interpretation of what the Renegade is.